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Negative Perceptions held against certain Cultures, Religions & Races often leads to Isolation & Disconnection across Teams

Every employer likely knows the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the benefits it brings to the workplace. But actively trying to implement this in the day-to-day interactions everyone has can be challenging.

Employees are almost 3x more likely to feel committed to their organisations when they feel included

There are many situations that can arise where colleagues aren’t able to work together effectively due to a lack of communication and understanding of each other. Or where recruitment and selection are affected by stereotypical preconceptions about individuals from certain groups.

And although most employers and people managers have the best of intentions, perhaps you are aware they have blind spots, with bias playing a part in various decisions and working relationships.

You yourself might have experienced them but aren’t sure how to bring it to the attention of leaders in a productive way, that can truly be heard and create tangible change as a result.

Thrive works with organisations to reap the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce. WeThrive will help you go beyond basic legal compliance and create a diversity and inclusion strategy that fosters an atmosphere of self-awareness, honesty and trust. In doing so, contributing to employee wellbeing and engagement – from every background.

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