Getting Wellbeing in the Muscle of the Organisation

In this roundtable, you will have the chance to hear from speakers such as Pam Bateson, Kerry Taylor, and Meredith Wellard who fundamentally believe that high performing businesses have wellbeing deep in their leader’s muscle.

We will discuss an approach to leadership where everyone is encouraged to take care of themselves and each other. This is set deep in the belief that only then can the business be able to perform highly.

We will match this with the ideals of the B Corp business and debate what comes first in real life. Is it to look after the profit, the planet, or your people through dedication and ritualisation of a purpose that is linked to wellbeing.

Finally, we will finish the day with a ritual every business can introduce to leave each participant leaving strong, focused and energised…… I promise you will enjoy it!

Session Agenda:

08:30-08:45- Virtual coffee and hellos

08:45-08:50- Welcome and intros

08:50-09:40- Thought starters from the panellist’s

09:40-09:55- Panel to discussion/Q&A

09:55-10:10- Breakout rooms to discuss levers for change

10:10-10:25- Headlines from breakouts

10:25-10:30- Reflection and close

October 13 2021 08:30 am - 10:30 am