How is this coaching different?

We are business practitioners dedicated to helping the wider team get the practical and tactical support they need to do the job well.

We know it can take too much time to find the answer on an e-learn platform when support is needed immediately.

We work like your in-house managers or mentors. We are always available so your wider team can get support on the same day and as quickly as within the next hour.

How do your 30 minute sessions work?

We help people respond to the immediate challenge they have to face. Sometimes they are overwhelmed, stuck or lacking in ideas or a solid approach. By equipping your wider team to respond within the next 24 hours with practical ideas and know how, we see the burden or stress lift from their shoulders. This is incredibly helpful and supportive when there is a task or challenge that they cannot afford to fail in.

They can book with the same coach in the future or choose a different coach if they need to pick up a new skill, tool or know how in another area of expertise.

What are your aresas of expertise?

Everything from marketing, business planning, pitching, sales, presenting, voice coaching, career conversations, talent management, project management, financial management and budgeting, managing meetings, managing tricky relationships, getting promoted, asking for a pay rise, finding your confidence, writing a strategy, facilitating a session, managing a change, building a better more connected team, running an NGO, managing your workload, and many more.

We also have coaches from many different sectors, both public, private and NGO

Sessions can be booked by expertise or by the first available coach, they choose what they need.