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Are you Leading with Self-assurance?

Many leaders struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome no matter how far up the career ladder they go.

Only 19% of organisations feel they are effective at developing leaders

The extra pressures brought on by the new world of work we’re currently facing can make navigating leadership that much more challenging. Especially if you are still learning how to step into leadership.  

There are several things that people in leadership, or on the path towards it, often face. 

You might find yourself struggling with an immense amount of self-doubt. A reality that many people wrestle with no matter how far up the career ladder they go.  

Perhaps you experience imposter syndrome and feel like a fraud. You could feel you don’t deserve the position of leadership or fear you don’t have what it takes to attain it. And maybe you suspect that any day, you’ll be found out. A worry that’s easily exacerbated by working from home, when the isolation can make your subconscious negative beliefs about your productivity, skill and worth, harder to shake off. 

Everyone is having to manage larger workloads, whilst trying to balance the realities of navigating working from home, lack of motivation and personal matters.  So with all the distractions, emergencies and new opportunities pulling you in different directions, you may feel like there’s simply not enough time to get everything done.

The idea of being capable to inspire and motivate others when dealing with your own fear, self-doubt and uncertainty can feel overwhelming.

WeThrive can help you manage your stress, boost confidence and overcome self-doubt. And find ways of communicating in a way to help your colleagues and team members and employees feel more motivated, encouraged. They’ll learn how to handle challenges as they arise, and become authentic, effective leaders.