Creating a culture of Great conversations

Thrive Learn offers dynamic learning and development for businesses, with a focus on our focused coaching methodology used in our MyThrive service.

When surveyed, 68% of the wider team told us they don’t use the learning from formal training courses. Our training is short, focused and pulled down by your people as and when they need it. Either in the form of short workshops or team coaching. This means they participate in learning sessions on the tools and techniques that they can use immediately on the specific topic they need.

What we offer

Agile, effective training to equip managers to do their jobs with flair. Giving them the freedom, confidence and competence to make an impact. Our programmes include:

Coaching with Content - Certified training for managers, HR/OD teams and coaches on how to coach with content. Our fast 30 minute method that gives people what they need.

We also have two hour events that upskill managers on the following topics:

  • Career conversations that replace annual performance reviews

  • Giving memorable and impactful feedback

  • Tough conversations

  • Fast problem solving

  • Pitching

  • Voice coaching

  • Meaningful meetings

  • Resilience and well-being

How it makes a difference

  • We train the tool, technique or method you want the whole organisation to become more proficient in

  • We keep it focused to one method so it becomes embedded in the way of working and is therefore used across the organisation rather than being lost or forgotten

  • All our training is about creating meaningful healthy conversations

  • CEOs tell us they see the impact of our work on the ground on a daily and weekly basis

How it works

  • Identify what you need – from training in ‘Career Conversations’ or ‘Running meetings’ to an effective talent management programme

  • Agree how much you need

  • Create a trust-based culture that focuses on what works

Issues we can help with

  • We want to develop the conversation that replaces the annual performance reviews

  • A lot of time is being taken up handling the “have you got 5 mins?” conversations and you want to make them more productive and not just an off load

  • We spend too much time in meetings that we must get better at running them

  • There has been lots of pitching and presenting training but we are not yet converting enough 

  • Our managers are very busy and don't always prioritise the time to talk, connect and guide.

  • We’re not finding, keeping or growing the right people

  • Our leadership team is bogged down

  • It's important to change how HR support the organisation

  • Culturally we want to keep the spirit of our business human and nimble as we grow

  • We need to give our managers the skills to:

    • Pitch better

    • Present better

    • Run meetings better

    • Manage performance better

    • Take ownership

    • Be better organised

    • Understand budgets

    • Work more as a team

    • Run projects better