cut-through cultural insights, with data and dashboards

Speed of response enables success in our fast-paced world. Thrive Insights offers a real-time map of the issues keeping your people awake at night – which you can use to win talent and beat your competition.

What we offer

Thrive Insights helps CEOs, HR Directors and Leadership teams understand organisational sentiment – showing them where they have an opportunity to push forward, or barriers to change. Real-time insights on critical cultural issues are presented in a way that allows management teams to act with confidence, immediately.

Benefits unique to Thrive Insights

  • Deepen your understanding of the mood in your organisation

  • Appear more attuned to the needs of our people

  • Facilitate great work and create a great place to be

Get a clear point of view on what is needed today to help our people thrive and perform

How Thrive Insights works

We collect and analyse anonymised data from our online, on-demand coaching and mentoring sessions – which we turn into rich data for you. This data helps you understand the big topics that your people team want you to pay attention to. Using Net Promoter Scoring and Natural Language Processing, our platform’s qualitative and quantitative measures to help you understand where you are and what you can do.

Thrive Insights in context

Established employee engagement and development initiatives – from annual surveys to performance reviews – are unpopular, expensive and are seldom useful to decision making. With Thrive Insights, you’ll understand whether people are living your purpose, vision and values on a daily basis through our dashboard. With real-time practical feedback on the enablers, blockers, learning needs and communication needs in your organisation, you can test and refine interventions and communications more rapidly.