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Welcome to the Thrive podcast series.

Here we discuss leadership insight, foresight and hindsight on the things we need to pay attention to as we come out of lockdown and enter a new way of working.

With your host Pam Bateson, a coach to the coaches, entrepreneur and founder of Thrive, an online coaching platform, along with a variety of expert guests.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and find it useful to help your organisation and you Thrive!

Podcast Episodes

Episode 5: An Insight Led Approach To People Strategies

Sandra gives a fresh perspective on people leadership and how you remember how good leaders make you feel, not what they said.

Talking to her unique experience from the world of marketing into people leadership, spanning multiple industries – most recently as Global Director of People, Strategy and Organisational Effectiveness at Howden, a Global engineering and technology business based in Scotland.

We discussed the many parallels from analysing the insights and behaviours of customers to your people and delved into Sandra’s passion for helping people create positive change and how this impacts organisational energy.

Episode 4: The Importance of Wellbeing and Success

Clare believes, even with well thought out plans and strategies, organisations can’t succeed without a positive and healthy culture and happy, motivated people.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of wellbeing, happiness and sensitivity towards people’s needs as Clare explains her motivation to deliver senior leadership roles is the connection between people, performance and organisational success.

Episode 3: How to get Leaders to be at Their Best

Byron Johnson drives the leadership agenda for Pepsico university.

He strongly believes in the democratization of coaching and personalised development coaching, giving everyone the opportunity and platform to grow and become their best selves.

In this episode, we discuss how to get leaders to be at their best.

Episode 2: The Importance of Prevention in Mental Health

Dr. Nick Taylor, Founder & CEO of award winning wellbeing and mental health app Unmind.
Unmind is a workplace mental health platform that has clinically backed tools and training to create a happier, healthier and more human organisation.
In this episode we discuss the importance of prevention in mental health, to be able to generate a mindset of mental health being part of the day to day context for work.

Episode 1: Leading in the Post-Pandemic World

Tim Bittleston, chairman of BGF – a growth funding investment company that inspires business leaders, innovators and value creators to build strong, sustainable businesses, shares his insights on leading in the post-pandemic world.

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