On-demand one-to-one coaching and mentoring to boost your people’s confidence in any situation. 

Is your talent getting what it needs to thrive?

Traditional learning and development techniques are failing as today’s top talent demands tailored support to deal with on-the-job challenges. MyThrive is a cost-effective solution that 95% of users would recommend – direct and flexible coaching in 30-minute sessions that can be booked through our network of expert professionals at an hour’s notice.

What we offer

Thrive’s capsule coaching sessions offer practical support in 30 minute sessions, so your team can tackle challenges whenever they come up. Your people have the freedom to choose when they want to be coached and how. Our coaching and mentoring is inspiring, relevant, rooted in experience – and gives clear results at a great price point per-session.

Benefits unique to MyThrive

95% of MyThrive users would recommend the service to a friend, with 100% claiming that their coaching session was immediately useful.

With MyThrive, your people will

  • Get help exactly when and how they need it, in a style that best reflects today’s fast-paced workplace

  • Act with greater clarity and confidence

  • Feel confident about making a positive difference

  • Act on their learning straight away, making its retention more likely

How MyThrive works

  • Download our easy-to-use app

  • Book your 30 minute session online – from a week to an hour before you need it

  • Choose your coach by expertise, topic or the time you want to be coached

  • Select a video, phone or chat session

  • Receive focussed, effective coaching and support that makes a difference

MyThrive in context

  • Only 8% of middle managers believe training really works for them – with formal learning and development approaches failing to reach the people big organisation’s rely on most

  • And against a backdrop of change, we need our talent to deliver more, with confidence, time and time again

  • Our cost-effective coaching means your best people can access help whenever they need it – working as an ‘emergency service’ for managers, or individuals who might feel thrown in at the deep end of a big or complex challenge. All of which shows how valued your best people are